It's a given fact that we all live in this planet called Earth. Apart from the reasons why we exist, whether they are religious or cientific, the fact that we are alive allows me to write this words and allows you to read them. Ultimately being alive means to BE what one is, not just occupie a given space, respond to a certain estimulation or enjoy the rest of the existance that surronds us. Maybe it was God's purpose, maybe the result of the cosmic chaotic development. The only thing we know for sure is that there is a conscience that, right here, right now, is able to formulate all these questions, because life is good and important enought to be understood and preserved. And that this same conscience has been keeping us alive for millions of years, providing us the tools to learn, to adapt, to evolve, to discover, to create or to destroy.
The planet earth is big and generous, and allways delivered us and all the other forms of LIFE the necessary elements and ingredients for their survival. It's a big ecosistem that simply works and in this there's order and peace. No tree tells us to do something stupid, no bird tells us to commit suicide, no river says what we must do tomorow. We simply observe, understand, adapt and make our own decidions, just because LIFE and being ALIVE seems so logic and desirable.
That's why there are somethings that I can't understand.